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BritPop CHI

Chicago BritPop
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Britpop is the common term used for a variety of popular British bands.

Not just a musical style, but a way of life.
Characterized by the "too cool for you" attitude mixed with some tight rock star fashions...
very nice.

The strongest influences on Britpop arose from the "indie" bands of the eighties, such as The Smiths, and its successors.
Unlike their predecessors, Britpop crossed firmly into the mainstream, exemplified by chart battles between rivals Blur and Oasis. Their songs tend to be either pure pop music (Blur's "Girls and Boys") or anthemic (Oasis' "Don't Look Back In Anger"), with a strong "sing-along" factor. On the fringes, the dry wit of Pulp's "Common People" made an unlikely star of singer Jarvis Cocker.

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