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Time for an update [Jul. 20th, 2006|11:07 pm]
Chicago BritPop


ok, so this community has gotten a bit sad...
im going to make an attempt at bringing it back to life, since the world needs more britpop fans peopling it....

first order of business...

upcoming events...

New Order/Joy Division Featured Artist Night
Tue, Jul 25 2006 - No Cover
A night of music by Joy Division/New Order and various side projects and collaborations.
DJ Dave Roberts and Berlin's DJ Greg Haus

britpop news

-Justine Frischmann is living in Colorado and studying visual arts and psychology at Naropa University

-Graham Coxon, the ex-Blur guitarist and now solo artist, has written a poetic tribute for Syd Barrett who recently died, citing the Pink Floyd founding member as one of his greatest musical influences.
"Lost him again… for bang on 20 years Syd led me to better places...
… from my age 17-year-old first listen of 'bike' to just the other
day… 'jugband blues'…
languished in his noise... and dreamt in his night… stared at his eyes for
answers... bent my ears to see his fingers… would have followed him into
the dark... certainly followed him into the bleached out morning… Syd,
dear man, what now?
The music is there… a door he left unlocked… spend time
there... it’s good."

-Hollywood movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN is in talks with BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN to produce a GORILLAZ movie. The former Miramax head visited Albarn and co-Gorillaz creator, artist JAMIE HEWLETT, to discuss a possible film starring the animated band at the band's recent New York gigs. Albarn says, "We're going to try and do something which makes the world not just think of WALLACE + GROMIT when they think of animation."

-Damon Albarn has revealed that he is currently juggling three different projects: the Blur EP, an album he's set to record in Nigeria with the surviving members of Fela Kuti's band and a new Gorillaz record.

He also said he would like Graham Coxon to rejoin the band.

"Blur's like a family with one brother no-one talks to," he told 6 Music, adding: "It is a realistic prospect - the only reason he's not in the band is because he didn't feel he was getting enough say. We're totally capable of making music together. I can forget about all the other things."

-Oasis is resting after their latest world tour

-Brett Anderson, former lead singer of Suede, is planning a solo album for early 2007

ill add more soon :)

[User Picture]From: modern_art
2006-07-21 05:01 am (UTC)
Thanks for that update!! :)
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